Top free tools that would turn your old posts to new content

Google likes fresh content. However, coming up with fresh content every time is not so easy. At times, you can think of recycling your old blog posts to give a fresh and new look. In this page, I have collected some of the best free tools that helps to turn your old posts to new content.

Free tools for creating infographics:

Pictures convey more than content. A good way of converting the old content to new is to create infographics. You don’t need to be a programmer to create infographics. You will be able to do it with online tools as they come with free premade templates. Here are some of the free tools the help for creating infographics: is a wonderful website that offers variety of easy to use templates. They have been in the business from the year 2012. With their tools, you will be able to create eye catching fun graphics and infographics.

Check their infographic library at the following page: is a infographics creators community as well as a tool for creating infographics. You will be able to convert your old content into visual presentation with the tool. It started in the year 2012 and has been a popular infographics tool.

Just visit their website at the following page:


Piktochart is another great infographic tool available for free. This tool is one of my favorites as well. With just a few clicks, you will be able to create a great infographic for your old content. They offer three basic templates for free.

You can visit their website at the following url:

Free tools for creating E-book:

E-book is also an excellent way of converting your old content into new. You can do this by collecting series of your old blog posts and changing the format. If you are a great writer, e-books can give good revenue to your business. Providing free E-books in your website helps in many ways such as branding, receiving your customer’s details and form a community. If you have Microsoft office, you will be able to create E-book. You can also use these open source tools to create e-books:


This is an excellent tool to complete your e-book project in an easy way. The tool helps you to create headings, body text, monospace text, extended quotations for your e-books.  Check out their website at the following page:


You can make a wonderful book cover for your e-book with this tool. They have free templates as well as paid. You just need to sign up to use the free version. Watch out this video to find how you can make the ebook cover easily:

Once your e-book is completed, check it for validation. The validation tool that I have provided here is also a free tool.

EPUB Validator:

In this page, you just need to upload your e-book file and click the validate button. Your e-book will be easily validation for any errors. You will be able to validate any e-books that are 10MB or lesser in size.

Free tools for creating Slideshows:

You can easily convert your blog content into a slideshow.  All you need to collect and organize relevant images and collect important points from your old blog.  You can also use Microsoft PowerPoint to create slideshows. There are also free tools available online that will help in this task.


Kizoa provides is a free program where you will be able to create easy and fun slide shows for your blogs.  The program allows adding images, text and even effects to the slide shows.  Kizoa also allows sharing your slideshows to your website, emails and even with social media websites.

Check out their website at:

With you will be able to create slideshows according to your wish in an easy three step way. Another excellent feature is its free to use WordPress plugin. The WordPress plug-in helps embedding the slideshow to your blog easily.

Check out the WordPress Plugin of here:

The plugin also helps sharing the slideshow through different social media websites.

Free tools for creating Videos:


Creating Videos is another easiest way of converting your old content into new. This is easy to do as you just have to pick an interesting blog and talk about the topic. You can also use board or laptop screen and capture video of the topic and create a new content for your website.  You can just capture the video using your camcorder or with your smart phone and then make it as a video.  Then, you should give the clips a professional touch before you publish them. Please check the following free to use tool for video creation.


Avidemux is an open source video editing tool. You will be able to cut video clips, join clips, add logo, voice and remove unwanted noise etc. It is a great tool for creating excellent videos which you can use it for your blogs. It supports most of the video files and it is a highly versatile program.


Check out their webpage here:


If you look to do some advanced video editing task, you need to use Lightworks. It is a great free video editing tool with advanced features like multicam support, smart trimming tools and real time effects. You will be able to get a professional video clips by using Lightworks.

Check out their website at:

Turning old content is not always a good idea as your followers might identify it at some point of time.  You should not disappoint the readers. But, if you are in a bad mood or if you have any personal issues in creating a fresh content, you can turn your old content into new with these tools. If you find any other tools that would help in this process, please feel free to share.